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Home Run - HR

What is Home Run - HR?

A type of play in baseball in which the batter is able to safely round the bases reaching home and generating a run within one play. Most home runs are Out of the Park home runs which occur when the batter is able to hit the ball over the outfield fence, between the two outfield posts and without the ball touching the field of play, which gives the batter an automatic home run. The other type of home run, called the Inside the Park Home Run, which is much rarer and occurs when the batter hits the ball into the field of play but is able to round all of the bases safely without being tagged out.

When a Home Run is hit the batter is awarded with a hit, a run and Runs Batted In (RBI) for each runner, including himself, that he is able to bring home. The pitcher on the play will be recorded as giving up a hit, a run for each scorer and an earned run for each scorer who reached a base safely without error prior to the home run or a pitcher change.

There are a wide range of slang terms for Home Runs including "bomb, blast, four-bagger, goner, homer, long ball and shot."

Sporting Charts explains Home Run - HR

There are a few additional home run variations, which mainly revolve around the number of runners on base and the situation in that they were hit, including the Grand Slam, Walk-off Home Run, Lead-off Home Run and Back to Back Home Runs.

A Grand Slam occurs when a home run is hit when the bases are loaded bringing in all of the runners and the batter for a total of four runs. A Walk-off homer occurs when the batter hits the home run to end the game. A Lead-off home run occurs when the first batter for the team hits a home run. A Back to Back home runs occur when two batters in a row hit a home run.

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