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Inherited Runs Allowed - IRA

What is Inherited Runs Allowed - IRA?

A pitching statistic in baseball that measures the number of baserunners who are on base when a relief pitcher comes into the game (inherited) and later go on to score. Inherited Runs Allowed is used to judge the effectiveness of a relief pitcher (RP). 

Sporting Charts explains Inherited Runs Allowed - IRA

Inherited Runs Allowed is an effective way to look at a reliever's ability to come into a game and close out the batters and inning. Receivers who have a low number of Inherited Runs Allowed can be relied upon to come into games and close out an inning when their team is facing a pressure situation with runners on base. Managers go to a reliever mid-inning with the hope of that pitcher stranding the batters he inherited. It is the setup men that inherit the bulk of the men on base when pitchers are replaced. For IRA numbers to be a basis of comparison it is important to look at innings pitched as well. 

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