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Intentional Base on Balls - IBB

What is Intentional Base on Balls - IBB?

A statistic in baseball that records when the pitcher deliberately walks a batter by throwing the ball, known as an Intentional Ball, away from the batter preventing them from making a hit on the ball. The batter is automatically allowed to move to first base without risk of being put out. Both the batter and the pitcher receive a Intentional Base on Balls (IBB) when this occurs.

Also referred to as an "Intentional Walk."

Sporting Charts explains Intentional Base on Balls - IBB

The strategy behind an Intentional Base on Balls (IBB) or intentional walk is to get past the existing hitter to the next batter on the basis that the next batter will offer a strategic advantage to the current hitter. For example, if the current hitter is known for being a home run hitter while the next batter is known for hitting with less power, the defensive team may walk the first hitter and pitch to the next batter in hopes of generating a double play. However, there is a risk with intentional walk as the defensive team has now put a player on base, which means they can become a run.

Intentional Base on Balls Records

  • Career: Barry Bonds - 668
  • Season: Barry Bonds - 120 (2004)


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