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Late Inning Pressure Situations - LIPS

What is Late Inning Pressure Situations - LIPS?

A baseball statistic defining the batting average of at-bats generated by a hitter or the average allowed by a pitcher when the at-bat occurs from the seventh inning on, and when the batting team is ahead by one run, tied, or three runs or less behind the defensive team (four if the bases are loaded). For batters the higher the LIPS the better,  meanwhile the best pitchers in late inning pressure situations will have a lower LIPS.

Sporting Charts explains Late Inning Pressure Situations - LIPS

The purpose behind Late Inning Pressure Situations (LIPS) is to rate a player's contributions either as a batter or a pitcher in circumstances in which their performance can have a significant impact on the game. Many batters who help their team come from behind and win the game or pitchers who prevent the opposing team from scoring runs in these situations are considered to be "clutch."

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