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Left On Base - LOB

What is Left On Base - LOB?

A baseball statistic that records the total number of base-runners who remain on base, who haven't been put out or scored, when the third out of the half-inning is recorded. Also included in this count is the batter if their hit results in a runner being put out due to their at-bat.

For example, if a team has runners at first and second and the batter, with two outs, hits a popfly for and out. The batter will receive 2 LOBs. The team total of LOBs is simply the count of all batters LOBs.

Also referred to as "Stranded."


Sporting Charts explains Left On Base - LOB

Left On Base (LOB) is a statistic that typically accompanies the primary statistics in a shortened box-score (being runs, hits and errors). A team may record a large number of hits in a game, but if the LOB for a team is high then their runs scored will generally be lower than they would be otherwise.

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