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Line Drive Percentage - LD%

What is Line Drive Percentage - LD%?

A statistic in baseball that is the percentage of balls in play that are categorized as line drives. The trajectory of each batter ball is analyzed and called a line drive, fly ball or ground ball. A line drive won't necessarily be the hardest balls in play, but they do end up being hits at a lofty 75% clip.

Sporting Charts explains Line Drive Percentage - LD%

The collision between ball and bat lasts for only one-1,000th of a second, and a difference of a quarter inch can mean the difference between a screaming liner for a double and a lazy fly ball out. The impact on results is great, as 75% of line drives end up as hits, as compared to only 21% of fly balls resulting in a batter reaching base. It also makes a great difference in how much time a fielder has to react. A typical liner travels 300 feet in four seconds, whereas a fly ball travels that same distance in a half-second longer. The league-wide line drive rate hold steady at near 20% each season.

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