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Number of Pitches - NP

What is Number of Pitches - NP?

A baseball statistic that records the total number of pitches thrown. For hitters, this statistic measures the total pitches they've faced during their at-bats. For pitchers, this statistic records the total pitches thrown by the pitcher when pitching.

Also known as "Pitch Count."

Sporting Charts explains Number of Pitches - NP

For pitchers, the Number of Pitches - NP is used as a gauge of their efficiency and effectiveness in generating outs in an inning, where the fewer pitches required the better. This statistic is also focused on to determine a pitchers workload where teams will ensure that a pitcher doesn't throw too many pitches in a single game as to prevent fatigue or injury.

A pitcher's physical attributes and conditioning or the type of pitches they throw is often a determining factor in the Number of Pitches they can consistently throw, regardless of the types of outs they record. Pitchers who go deep into ball games or pitch complete games will inevitably record a high number of pitches.

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