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What is Outfielder?

This is the name of a position on a baseball team. There are three outfield positions, and at least three outfielders on every team. The outfield is the area of the baseball diamond beyond the infield dirt. It is usually made of grass or artificial turf, and some multi-use stadiums have a partial dirt outfield. The three outfield positions are right, center, and left field. Each outfielder is responsible for a third of the outfield, starting from the outer edge of the infield grass and going all the way back to the outfield wall. Outfielders must be fast, have good vision, the ability to throw very far and accurately, and have great hand-eye coordination. They are responsible for chasing down and catching balls hit in the air over the infield, as well as balls hit hard through the infield. They must also be able to throw the ball quickly and accurately into the infield after making a play. 

Sporting Charts explains Outfielder

The position of outfielder received its name because the grass beyond the infield is known as the outfield. This is most likely a combination of "outer field" or other similar phrase from the early history of baseball. Furthermore, all the players who play on the dirt area of the baseball diamond, or infield, are known as infielders. The outfielders are their counterpart and are tasked with patrolling the outer area of the field. In the very back of the outfield is a warning track made of dirt. It is there to warn outfielders running back towards it with their eye on the ball that the wall is approaching.

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