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Overall Future Potential - OFP

What is Overall Future Potential - OFP?

This is a baseball measurement used by scouts and other evaluators to estimate a player's potential as a major leaguer. It is an arbitrary measurement and is not recorded in any official capacity. It order to calculate the OFP of a given prospect, a scout will rate the player on a number of different areas. Pitchers and position players have different categories on which they are ranked.  The position players are ranked on hitting, power, speed, throwing, and fielding. Pitchers are usually scored on at least three pitches they throw, usually fastball, curveball, and slider. A score between two and eight is eventually assigned to each category, and then they are added up to get the overall future potential of the player. The higher the score, the greater the future major league potential of the player.

Sporting Charts explains Overall Future Potential - OFP

Since this is not an official statistic, the OFP of the one player may differ from team to team. The grades are subjective and could be the result of bias on the part of the scout. However, since it is used by most scouts in Major League Baseball, there is some common terminology and measurement that is standard. For example, a score between 40-80 is typically considered the acceptable range for a major league prospect. The criteria used to calculate OFP can differ from team to team. Some teams have been known to use aggressiveness, attitude, and work ethic and work that into what is known as an adjusted OFP.

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