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What is Pitcher?

This term refers to a position on a baseball team. This is a defensive position, and the player is tasked with delivering, or pitching the ball to the batter in a way such that the batter is unable to hit the ball. The pitcher stands on a mound, on top of a pitcher's plate, also known as "the rubber," a set distance from the batter. In Major League Baseball the distance is 60 ft, 6 in (18.4m). The pitcher will push off the plate during their pitching motion, using their slight height advantage, a result of the mound, to deliver a fast, accurate pitch. The objective of the pitcher is to throw the ball as close to over home plate as possible, while avoiding hitting the batter or the batter hitting the ball. They are tasked with beginning each and every play by pitching the ball to the batter. Once the ball leaves the hand of the pitcher, the ball is considered live and in play.  

Sporting Charts explains Pitcher

A pitcher is one of the highest skilled players on a baseball team. They are carefully recruited, trained, and once acquired, given special attention to ensure their arm's do not get hurt or tire easily. Many of the best pitchers in baseball are considered All-Stars, and the very best are in the Hall Of Fame. There are also special rewards for pitchers, the highest honor being the Cy Young award, named after one of the greatest pitchers of all time. This award is given to the best pitcher in both the American and National League.   

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