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Pitcher's NERD - pNERD

What is Pitcher's NERD - pNERD?

A pitching statistic is a calculated measurement of a pitcher's aesthetic value. Pitcher's NERD was originally invented by Carson Cistulli, and was part of his "art of sabermetric research" project. The pNERD attempts to ascertain which pitchers will be the most visually pleasing for fans to watch, and is a predictive, as well as a historical statistic. It stands for Narration, Exposition, Reflection, Description. 

Sporting Charts explains Pitcher's NERD - pNERD

The premise behind NERD was created in Cistulli's "Why We Watch" piece, which named the five reasons why baseball captivates our imagination as "Broadcast Quality," Seasonal Context," "Rookies/Debuts," "Statistically Notable Players" and "Pitching Matchups." 

His fellow sabermetrics guru, Rob Neyer, collaborated on the piece and stated that the only piece of the puzzle that was missing was being able to place a number value on every game. Shortly after, Cistulli introduced the Pitcher's NERD formula. The formula itself uses a pitcher's deviation from the average of the xFIP, DIPS, overall strike percentage, swinging strike percentage, and the difference between a pitcher's xFIP and ERA to assign a value to each pitcher. 

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