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Pitching Losses - L

What is Pitching Losses - L?

A pitching statistic in baseball, given to one pitcher on the losing team who allowed the go-ahead run, or go-ahead baserunner to reach base. If his team subsequently ties the game, or retakes the lead he can no longer be awarded the loss (L). However, that pitcher cannot be considered for the win if he failed to finish the inning and did not return to the game after the tie or lead retaken. A pitcher who receives a loss is known as one of the pitchers of record with the other being the pitcher on the other team awarded with the win.

Sporting Charts explains Pitching Losses - L

This statistic can be somewhat misleading in terms of evaluating the skill of a pitcher due to a pitcher having minimal control over the offense or subsequent relief pitchers. But when compared to other pitching statistics and taking into consideration the teams overall winning percentage is still useful in evaluating a pitcher.

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