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What is Push?

This term is used in baseball to refer to a hit that travels down the opposite side of the field that the batter is hitting from. It can also apply to a bunt, known as a, "push bunt." In order to hit the ball to the opposite side of the field, a player must swing earlier than they usually would. This is also known as getting out in front of the pitch. Rather than allowing the ball to travel far over the plate, a hitter must swing while the ball is still out in front of the plate. The earlier contact with the ball directs it to the far side of the field.

Sporting Charts explains Push - MLB

Pushing the ball is not an easy thing to do, though in order to be considered a good hitter in Major League Baseball, one must be able to do it. Bunting down the opposite base line is must easier to execute. It is used in situations where the manager wants to advance runners on base and is willing to sacrifice the player at the plate. This strategy would only be used with zero or one out. A player may be asked to push the ball when the defense shifts and opens space for the player to hit it.

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