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Quality At Bat

What is Quality At Bat?

This is a baseball phrase applied subjectively to an at-bat the speaker believes went well and had a good result. It can refer to a pitcher's or batter's performance, but most often it is the latter. In the case of the former, an individual would be referring to the fact that a pitcher pitched well, to the right spots, and did not over exert themselves or throw more pitches than necessary to get the batter out. In the more common case, a quality at bat would entail an at-bat in which the batter works the pitch count and gets the pitcher throwing lots of pitches and possibly tiring them out. It may or may not result in a hit or a base on balls.

Sporting Charts explains Quality At Bat

The phrase is extremely subjective and cannot be quantified. It is most often used by fans and broadcasters speaking about the game. It is also used as a compliment from players and coaches to a batter who strikes out but did very well getting the pitcher to throw a lot of pitches. An example of its usage in that case would be, "Billy really had a quality at bat, he made him throw 12 pitches!"  

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