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Rain Delay

What is Rain Delay?

In baseball, the temporary suspension of a game due to inclement weather or other circumstances, usually as a result of heavy or continuous rain over the course of one or more innings.

Sporting Charts explains Rain Delay

During a rain delay, the grounds crew of the ballpark covers the baseball field with a water-resistant tarp. Although umpires are required to wait at least 30 minutes to judge whether conditions have improved, rain delays can last for several hours. In the event that the weather or extenuating circumstances cause the delay to extend for a long period of time, the game may be delayed indefinitely or cancelled outright (rainout). Although the manager of the home team makes that call as to whether a game during bad weather should be started, it is the umpire-in-chief who decides whether or not a game is delayed or qualifies as a Rainout. 

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