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What is Rainout?

The cancellation of a baseball game due to inclement weather or other circumstances, usually following a temporary suspension known as a rain delay.

Sporting Charts explains Rainout

The immediate and statistical outcome of a game that has been suspended by the umpire-in-chief is determined by a number of factors. If the game has been played through the top half of the fifth inning, the game can be concluded with the home team as the victor. If the fifth inning has been completed and the visiting team still has the lead, it is declared the victor. In the case of a tie at the completion of the fifth inning or in a playoff game (but not the last game of a series), the game will be suspended and resumed at a later date. If none of these circumstances are true and the game is cancelled, the game is considered a "no game" and must be fully re-played as rescheduled by the league.

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