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RBI Situation

What is RBI Situation?

A setup where a batter comes to the plate with one or more of his teammates is in scoring position (on 2nd or 3rd base), then he is said to be coming to bat in an RBI situation, meaning that he has the potential to get a run batted in with a base hit. 

Sporting Charts explains RBI Situation

Hitters that come to the plate in RBI situations and deliver often are called "clutch" hitters. Statistics are carefully kept about these situations, called the RISP for batting average with runners in scoring position. Hitters that come through in RBI situations are prized and the teams that score runs often in such situations usually win. Teams that fail to produce runs in RBI situations do so either through a lack of clutch hitting or poor strategy. It should be noted that when runners are in scoring position, they can score even when the batter does not produce a hit. Runners on third, for instance, can score on a sacrifice fly or bunt, a passed ball, wild pitch or balk. Batters do not always have to get a hit for runs to be produced in an RBI situation.

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