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What is Relay?

A term in baseball that refers to the throw by a relay man (who has received the ball from an outfielder) for the purposes of directing the ball to the proper location or base for a put-out.

Sporting Charts explains Relay

There is a distinct difference between a relay man and a cut-off man. The role of a relay man, unlike a cut-off man, is to record a put-out. Whereas the cut-off man is fielding a throw from an outfielder in an attempt to keep the ball under control and to prevent errors or further advancement of runners, a relay man's responsibility it to extend an outfielder's throw as quickly and accurately as possible in an effort to retire a baserunner. In order to facilitate a more accurate relay, relay men typically move into the shallow outfield to receive a throw, while doing their best to keep their eyes on the runner they are attempting to put out. Whether a play calls for a relay or not will usually depend on the situation, namely where the ball is hit, how defensive players are positioned, and how fast a baserunner is known to be.

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