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Relief Run Average - R.R.A.

What is Relief Run Average - R.R.A.?

A pitching statistic used in baseball that measures a relief pitcher's ability to keep inherited runners from scoring once they enter the game. Any runner already on base when a relief pitcher enters is considered an inherited runner, and R.R.A. takes into account how many outs there are and where the runners are located. 

Sporting Charts explains Relief Run Average - R.R.A.

Baseball has statistics to measure practically everything. However, there has always been a gray area when it comes to analyzing relief pitchers. This is where the relief run average formula comes in. When a pitcher enters the game with runners already on base, it is his responsibility to keep them from scoring. R.R.A. is a statistic directly related to the pitcher's ability to do this. Relief run average is a unique stat, mainly because it doesn't just account for how many runners the pitcher allows to score. Where the runners were and how many were out are also parts of the equation. Taking all these aspects into consideration produces data that gives an accurate representation of a relief pitcher's ability to prevent inherited base runners from coming in to score.

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