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Rising Fastball

What is Rising Fastball?

In baseball, type of fastball thrown in a manner which appears to rise as perceived by the batter.

Sporting Charts explains Rising Fastball

The "rising fastball" does not refer to a particular grip or type of fastball thrown and is more of a colloquial or slang term in baseball. In truth, there is no such thing as a rising fastball-it is the perception of the batter that causes the ball to appear to rise. As most fastballs are thrown with backspin and high speed, they tend to reach the plate without dropping much toward the ground. Therefore, the faster the fastball, the less sink it will have. When a batter sees a fastball followed by a fastball with higher speed, the second pitch will often appear to be rising. This is especially apparent when a pitcher follows up a two-seam fastball with a four-seam fastball, as the two-seamer relies on lateral movement while the four-seamer operates on higher backspin and speed.

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