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Run or Runs Scored - R

What is Run or Runs Scored - R?

The unit of scoring in baseball, which is recorded when a player successfully advances around first, second, third base and finally reaches home plate safely before the inning is over. A batter is able to score a run by hitting a home run or getting onto base safely and then proceeding through the bases as a runner on subsequent plays including hits by other players, stealing bases and base on balls (walks).

Sporting Charts explains Run or Runs Scored - R

Each player, in their line statistics, receives a Run or Run Scored when they reach home plate successfully.

Modern Day Run Records

  • Career: Rickey Henderson - 2,295
  • Season: Babe Ruth - 177 (1921)
  • Most Runs (Team): New York Yankees - 1,067 (1931)
  • Most Runs (Game): Texas Rangers - 30 (2007 vs. Baltimore Orioles)
  • Most Runs (Inning): Boston Red Sox - 17 (1953 vs. Detroit Tigers)

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