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Sacrifice Fly - SF

What is Sacrifice Fly - SF?

A type of batted ball where a run is scored on the play while the batter is put out by a caught ball by the defense. The batter is credited with a Sacrifice Fly (SF) and a Run Batted In (RBI) but does not receive an At Bat (AB).

Also referred to as a "Sac Fly."

Sporting Charts explains Sacrifice Fly - SF

For a batter to receive credit for a Sacrifice Fly, there must be less than two outs so far in the inning, the ball must be hit into the outfield, the ball must be caught for an immediate out in the outfield by either an outfielder or infielder and a runner on base must score.

Sacrifice Fly Records

  • Career: Eddie Murray - 128
  • Season: Gil Hodges - 19 (1954)

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