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Sacrifice Hit or Bunt - SAC

What is Sacrifice Hit or Bunt - SAC?

A strategic play by the batter where the ball is bunt by the hitter for the purpose of helping a runner on base progress around the bases. Batters are awarded a Sacrifice Hit if they are put out and a runner progresses to another base but don't receive an At Bat on the play.

The terms "Sacrifice Hit" and "Sacrifice Bunt" are interchangeable and is also symbolized by an "S" or "SH". 

Sporting Charts explains Sacrifice Hit or Bunt - SAC

In the event of a batter reaching first base due to an error by the fielder, a fielders choice or simply reaches it safely the batter won't receive a Sacrifice Hit (SAC) even if there intent was a sacrifice. 

Generally, pitchers are the most often to attempt a Sacrifice Hit due to their relatively poor batting skills. A Sacrifice Hit play is referred to as a Squeeze Play in the situation where the runner being targeted to proceed is on third base.

Sacrifice Hit Records

  • Career: Eddie Collins - 512

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