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Saves - SV

What is Saves - SV?

A statistic in baseball credit to a pitcher who finishes the game for the winning team.

Saves are credit to pitchers when:

1) they are finishing pitcher of the winning team,

2) they aren't the winning pitcher, which is a different pitching statistic,

3) credited with at least 1/3 inning pitched

4) Meet one of the following conditions 

- Enters the game with no more than a 3 run lead and pitches at least an inning.
- Enters the game with a potential tying run on base, at bat or on deck.
- Pitches at least three innings

Sporting Charts explains Saves - SV

This statistic is mainly used for refief pitchers and closers to evaluate their ability to enter the game late and get the win for the team. Expanded measures of this statistic consider the saves versus the save opportunites.

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