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Scoring Position

What is Scoring Position?

In baseball, the presence of at least one baserunner on second or third base when a batter has come to the plate.

Sporting Charts explains Scoring Position

When a batter begins an at-bat with a runner who has advanced to second base or further, that baserunner and any runners ahead of him are considered to be in scoring position. This is based on the assumption that a base hit to the outfield has a reasonable chance of bringing that runner to home plate, resulting in a run scored. While a base hit is not guaranteed to record a run, the possibility of such a result creates a scoring chance. A base hit with a runner on first can score one or more runs, but usually requires an extra-base hit, thus eliminating first base as a potential scoring position. Most situational hitting strategies, such as bunting and base-stealing, are primarily used as a means to move runners into scoring position, from which they are more likely to score a run before the inning is over. The statistic of batting average with runners in scoring position is often used to measure the success of teams or players in "clutch" situations.

"Ducks on the pond" is a seldom used slang term for scoring position.

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