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Situational Hitting

What is Situational Hitting?

A strategy in baseball used by batters in an inning, most often with men on base, to either advance runners or score runners by the most efficient or effective means possible.

Sporting Charts explains Situational Hitting

By its very nature, situational hitting is a strategy that depends on particular situations existing in a team's offensive portion of an inning. The most common forms of situational hitting involve bunting or ground balls to move runners forward along the bases, sacrifice flies, drawing walks, and attempts to hit the baseball to specific parts of the field. For example, with a runner on third with less than two outs, the goal of a batter will often be to either hit a ground ball to the right side of the infield to advance the runner, or to hit a long fly ball to the outfield. Either result is most likely to score a run, giving the team their best chance to score before all batters are retired.

Situational hitting is a hallmark of intelligent players, and of teams who are successful at winning close games. Although situational hitting is a strategy universal to most teams, team who may not have many sluggers will benefit from taking advantage of their best opportunities to score. 

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