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What is Slugfest?

A baseball slang-term referring to a game between two teams in which both teams score many runs, usually by way of the home run and numerous base hits.

Sporting Charts explains Slugfest

Derived from the slang for a fight with combatants trading heavy blows, a slugfest normally features both teams recording multiple hits, combining for a large number of runs, mostly scored by home runs. These sorts of contests have become more common since the end of the dead-ball era, with extra-base hits and home runs being favored over the strategies of small-ball. During the mid-to-late summer when the weather is hottest, balls will generally travel farther-it is during this portion of the season that most slugfests will happen. A slugfest is also more common in smaller ballparks that can sometimes turn otherwise deep, routine fly balls into home runs.

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