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Slugging Percentage - SLG

What is Slugging Percentage - SLG?

A baseball statistic that is calculated by determining the total number of bases a batter has reached (home runs are counted as four) divided by their total number of at-bats.

SLG = (1B + 2 x 2B + 3 x 3B + 4 x HRs)/At-bats

Sporting Charts explains Slugging Percentage - SLG

Slugging Percentage (SLG), like On-base Plus Slugging Percentage (OPS) is one of the statistics that helps define a batter who "hits for power." Typically players who hit for power have a greater number of extra-base hits and will therefore have a higher Slugging Percentage.

Slugging Percentage Records

  • Career - Babe Ruth: .690
  • Season - Barry Bonds: 0.864 (2004)

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