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Split-finger Fastball

What is Split-finger Fastball?

In baseball, a type of fastball that breaks late and down in the strike zone.

Sporting Charts explains Split-finger Fastball

To grip a split-fingered fastball (also known as a splitter, or split), a pitcher places his index and middle fingers parallel to the seams as in a two-seam fastball, but stretches them to rest outside of the seams. The ball is held against the palm-side of the wrist. Keeping the wrist rigid, the fingers extend upwards as the ball is released. The pitch looks very much like a fastball, but because of the grip and release, it breaks late and down. The splitter is favored by many pitchers as a strikeout pitch-since it is not meant to record a strike, it is mostly thrown when ahead in the count. Many pitchers will show the split-finger fastball before coming set-this is a good tactic to keep batters guessing, as they can then change to a two or four-seam fastball or keep the splitter grip when their hand is in the glove.

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