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Spring Training

What is Spring Training?

Major League baseball's preseason period in which teams play exhibition games featuring veteran players, new acquisitions, and minor league talent in an effort to prepare players for the regular season and determine positions and active rosters.

Sporting Charts explains Spring Training

Spring training is comprised of two main "leagues": the Cactus League in Arizona and the Grapefruit League in Florida. Games take place from February to March, prior to the regular season. During these games, managers will field multiple lineups and rosters. Spring training has a dual purpose. It is used both to prepare already established players for the coming season and to give players (including minor leaguers and underperforming players) the chance to make the active roster. Because of the division of leagues in spring training, only certain teams will play each other, determined primarily by the geographical location of the teams. Pitchers and catchers usually arrive early to spring training as pitchers can use the extra time practicing as further conditioning before the regular season.

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