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Stolen Base Percentage - SB%

What is Stolen Base Percentage - SB%?

A baseball statistic that measures the success rate of a runner in stealing bases by calculating the percentage of times a runner is able to advance to another base without the benefit of a ball being put into a play and is not put out in the stealing process. This number is calculated by dividing the player's total number of stolen bases by their total number of steal attempts (stolen bases + caught stealing).

Sporting Charts explains Stolen Base Percentage - SB%

Stolen Base Percentage (SB%) provides a distinct value that quantifies the success rate of a player's steal attempts. A player who has stolen 25 bases on 36 attempts stole a base successfully 70 percent of the time, whereas a player who has stolen 40 bases on 80 attempts has only succeeded 50 percent of the time. In this way, the percentage helps to indicate how much of a threat the player is as a runner, rather than the overall number of stolen bases.

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