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Stretch a Hit

What is Stretch a Hit?

The attempt by a batter-runner in baseball to extend a base hit by at least one additional base through aggressive baserunning.

Sporting Charts explains Stretch a Hit

When a batter records a hit, it is normally recognized as at least a single or double, depending on where and how far the ball travels. Depending on the situation, batter-runners will sometimes attempt to stretch a single in a double, a double into a triple, or a triple into an inside-the-park home run. Usually this occurs with particularly speedy runners, or when the defender appears to be lazy or bobbles the ball when fielding the hit. Stretching a hit is almost exclusively at the discretion of the batter-runner, as it is entirely situational and requires a split-second decision to attempt. It is not considering stretching a hit if the fielding defender makes an error, regardless of how many extra bases the batter-runner might take. While such a decision is a gamble and can be costly, the opportunity to reach scoring position can often pay off.

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