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Strikeout to Walk Ratio - K/BB

What is Strikeout to Walk Ratio - K/BB?

A pitching statistic in baseball that compares the number of strikeouts a pitcher throws to the number of times they generate a base on balls (or walk), which is one of the true measures of a pitcher's ability to control their pitches. Strikeout to Walk Ratio is calculated by dividing the number of strikeouts a pitcher has by the amount of walks in the same timeframe. 

Sporting Charts explains Strikeout to Walk Ratio - K/BB

This statistic points out pitchers that have a solid mix of power and control as they can keep their pitches in the strike zone to keep walks at a minimum and throw with power to generate strikes to increase their total strikeouts. The higher this ratio the better the pitcher is considered to be, at least within regards to this ratio.

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