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Strikeouts per Nine Innings Pitched - K/9

What is Strikeouts per Nine Innings Pitched - K/9?

A pitching statistic in baseball that measures the number of strikeouts on average a pitcher generates on a per nine innings pitched basis. Strikeouts per Nine Innings is calculated by dividing the amount of strikeouts a pitcher generates by their innings pitched then multiplying that number by nine. For example, if a pitcher has 190 strikeouts over 207 innings than the pitcher would have a Strikeouts per Nine Innings rate of 8.26.

Sporting Charts explains Strikeouts per Nine Innings Pitched - K/9

This statistic is an effective way to evaluate a pitcher on their ability to generate strikeout. For pitchers, the average K/9 rate is typically around 6-7 while the top pitchers will throw at a rate of 9 or more.

Strikouts per Nine Innings Pitched Records

  • Career Starting Pitcher: Randy Johnson - 10.6098
  • Career Relief Pitcher: Rob Dibble - 12.17

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