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Strikeouts - SO

What is Strikeouts - SO?

A baseball statistic that records the number of times a batter is put out by a pitcher throwing a called strike three, or a swinging strike three. When this occurs, the pitcher is credited with a strikeout. Likewise, the batter is charged with a strikeout and the batting team receives an out.

Sporting Charts explains Strikeouts - SO

A Strikeout (SO) is also recorded if the batter is down two strikes and foul tips the ball into the glove of the catcher, or if the batter unsuccessfully attempts a bunt with two strikes. In the case of the catcher being unable to secure a called or swinging strike three, the batter may attempt to advance to first base. The result is an out if the batter is tagged or forced out, or safe if he beats the throw.

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