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What is Submariner?

A pitcher who releases the ball from below his waist in an unorthodox motion is called a submariner. Rather than using a typical overhand motion, the pitcher drops his arm down and releases the ball from a point below his waist, often somewhere around his knees but sometimes near the ground. The pitcher also bends his torso at a right angle and tilts his shoulders severely.

Sporting Charts explains Submariner

Baseball has had its fair share of effective submariners, usually relief pitchers who enter the game and give batters a very unique look that can be hard to adapt to for one or several innings. Some pitchers have become submariners by choice, realizing that they pitch more effectively with the unusual motion and often gain more unusual movement on their pitches; others become submariners due to arm strain and then continue the unusual motion even when at full health. Submariners often report that there is less strain on their arms and shoulders, thus some have been used in relief quite frequently. Many teams have one or two submariners on their staffs. They have an advantage because the different release point causes the ball to move in highly unusual ways due to the physics of differing spins and gravity combined.

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