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What is Tag?

An action in baseball in which a player on the defensive team in possession of a live baseball records a put-out by tagging a runner in jeopardy.

Sporting Charts explains Tag

Runners can be tagged out either by the defender's bare hand or by any portion of the defending player's mitt as long as the ball is secured. A runner in jeopardy is defined as a runner who is not touching a base during a live play, failed to leave a base when there is a force in play, failed to tag up on a fly ball, or who missed touching a base on the way to their present base. Tag outs most often occur during non-force plays but are still an acceptable means for recording an out even during a force play. If, during the course of the tag, the defending player loses control of the baseball, no out is recorded. Runners can be called out and later safe when the umpire witnesses the tagging defender drop the ball.

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