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Third of an Inning

What is Third of an Inning?

A baseball term that describes the span of a game (and all the plays that take place) between one out and the next out being recorded.

Sporting Charts explains Third of an Inning

The term "third of an inning" is deceptive, because it is not mathematically a full third of an inning with respect to duration or the number of plays. Furthermore, when the term is used, it usually only refers to one half of an inning in which a maximum of three outs can be recorded. One out equals one third of an inning. The term is also a statistic that is applied to pitchers, with respect to the number of innings they have pitched. For example, if a pitcher pitches a full five innings (five defensive half innings) and records a single out in his sixth inning of appearance, statistically he pitched for five and one-third innings. 

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