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Tools of Baseball

What is Tools of Baseball?

A baseball term used to describe the five essential skills every baseball player is expected to possess: hitting for average, hitting for power, baserunning speed, arm strength, and fielding abilities.

Sporting Charts explains Tools of Baseball

The five tools of baseball are a comprehensive group of criteria that can be used to gauge any player's skill at the game of baseball, and are often used when recruiting or deciding to promote a minor league player to the majors. In baseball, the most desirable players are versatile athletes known as "Five-tool players." This means that they excel in all five key areas of the offensive and defensive game (aside from pitching). Although these tools are by no means the only qualities a player can possess to succeed at baseball, they are the most crucial and heavily weighted criteria considered.

The term "tools" is also often used to refer to players that a manager has at his disposal, or pitches that a pitcher can employ against batters, or the literal basic tools of baseball: the bat, the ball, and the mitt.

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