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Total Bases - TB

What is Total Bases - TB?

A statistic in baseball that measures the number of bases a player reaches on their hits. If a player hits a single, they will receive 1 Total Bases or TBs. If they hit a double, they will get 2 TBs, a triple will get them 3 TBs and a home run gives them 4 TBs.

Total Bases = 1B + 2*(2B) + 3*(3B) + 4*(HR)

This statistic gives an indication to the players hitting ability and ability to get on base.

Sporting Charts explains Total Bases - TB

Only bases reached by a hit are counted. If the player gains another base after the hit from actions like steals, errors or another players hit there will be no impact on the players Total Bases count.

Total Bases Records

  • Career: Hank Aaron - 6,856
  • Season: Babe Ruth - 457 (1921)
  • Game: Shawn Green - 19 (2002)

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