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Total Plate Appearances - TPA

What is Total Plate Appearances - TPA?

A baseball statistic that records the sum total of a player's at-bats, base on balls (walks), times hit by pitch, sacrifice flies, sacrifice bunts, or times reaching base due to defensive interference.

Sporting Charts explains Total Plate Appearances - TPA

Total Plate Appearances (TPA) is different from at-bats in that it also accounts for instances which occur that are normally not counted as at-bats (for the purpose of other statistics such as average). It should be noted that a player does not qualify for a plate appearance if, during the course of the at-bat, the defensive team recorded the third out of an inning before the at-bat was over (such as catching a runner stealing).

The all-time leader for total plate appearances is Pete Rose, with 15,861.

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