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Triple - 3B

What is Triple - 3B?

A type of base hit in which the batter safely reaches third base by hitting the ball fair and not being called out. If the hitter reaches third base by way of a fielding error or a fielders choice than the batter won't be awarded a triple.

In baseball statistics and stats lines, triples will often be recorded under 3B.

Sporting Charts explains Triple - 3B

A triple is a fairly difficult hit to achieve in baseball with  the hitter needing to bat the ball into the outfield usually either down the line or between the gaps in the outfield and be fast enough to round to third. Triples have become less likely to occur due to fields being reduced in length to generate more home runs.

Triples Records

  • Career: Sam Crawford - 309
  • Season: Chief Wilson - 36 (1912)

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