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Triple Play - TP

What is Triple Play - TP?

A statistic in baseball that is awarded when a team is able to get three outs continuously, with no recorded errors, before the play ends. For this to occur, there has to be no outs at the time the batter hits the ball into play and there needs to be at least two runners already on base. This is one of the rarer plays for a fielding team to achieve due to the difficulty in getting all three players out and the situational timing with having three offensive players in play with no outs.

Sporting Charts explains Triple Play - TP

The most common Triple Play (TP) is the 5-4-3 triple play-that being a ball hit to the third baseman who then steps on third or tags out the runner approaching third, throws to a fielder at second base for the second out, who then relays the ball to first to complete the triple play. It is possible for a batter to strikeout to begin a triple play-if there are at least two base-runners attempting to steal during the course of the strikeout and they are put out, a triple play is recorded. In this case, the batter is not charged with hitting into a triple play.

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