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Value Over Replacement Player - VORP

What is Value Over Replacement Player - VORP?

In baseball, VORP (value over replacement player) demonstrates a player's contribution to their team, as compared to an imaginary "replacement player." A replacement player is categorized as a less than average hitter and average fielder. VORP is used by many clubs to gauge a player's importance to his team, because it uses actual stats, and not projected or assumed stats. 

Sporting Charts explains Value Over Replacement Player - VORP

The replacement player is assumed to be below average because it is assumed that the team would try to replace the player at a minimal cost, which is also called "freely available talent." Other statistics focus on comparing players to a league-wide average, which is great when comparing one era to another, but a league-average comparison loses steam when considering a player's value to his team. Baseball is a sport that must have a loser for there to be a winner, and the winner scores more runs, and every contribution counts. For example, if after 80 games, John Doe has a VORP of +20 runs, then he has contributed 20 more runs than his theoretical replacement would, and this figure will go up and down throughout the season. In general, a replacement player is assumed to reach 80% of the league average in any statistical category. 

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