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Weighted On Base Average - wOBA

What is Weighted On Base Average - wOBA?

A statistic in baseball used to measure a hitters overall offensive impact by considering the relative values of each type offensive output from a single to a home run. Weighed On Base Average is calculated by assigning a value to each type of offensive output including walks, singles, doubles, etc. with the player's totals for each being combined and then divided by their total plate appearances to arrive at their wOBA.


((0.72 x NIBB) + (0.75 x HBP) + (0.90 x 1B) + (0.92 x RBOE) + (1.24 x 2B) + (1.56 x 3B) + (1.95 x HR) / PA

Sporting Charts explains Weighted On Base Average - wOBA

This all encompassing statistic is based on the idea that not all hits are equal as a home run is more valuable to a team than a single. The goal of this stat is to paint a fuller picture of offensive production of batters versus other statistics which can leave out part of the picture such as batting average, which only considers if the batter got on base but not how far they got on base. wOBA by weighting the ways of getting on base gives a fuller picture for example a hitter who hits all home runs vs. a hitter who only hits singles - batting average would be the same for both while the wOBA would be considerably higher for the HR hitter.

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