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Wild Pitches - WP

What is Wild Pitches - WP?

A pitching statistic in baseball charged to the pitcher when a pitch is thrown beyond the ability of the catcher to handle it; this could be a pitch that is either too high, too short of the plate, or two wide of either side of the plate. Wild pitches are viewed as "live balls" and any baserunner can choose to, or choose not to, advance as many bases as they can. Wild pitches also allow for a runner to score a run if they cross the plate before they are tagged out at home. 

Sporting Charts explains Wild Pitches - WP

A wild pitch is never beneficial to the team on the field and there is never a place for an intentional wild pitch. Most wild pitches require the catcher to vacate the area around home plate and require the pitcher to cover home plate in lieu of the catcher's presence there. Nearly all wild pitches are balls but there have been occasions when the batter swings at a WP (generally with two strikes against them) intentionally. This is done with the knowledge that they can reach first base before the catcher will have an opportunity to throw them out at first. Though first and third base coaches are generally responsible for advice to the baserunner, in the event of a wild pitch it is the duty of the batter to signal to base runners whether or not to try to advance a base or even two.

Wild Pitches Records

  • Most Wild Pitches (Career): Tony Mullane - 343
  • Most Wild Pitches (Season): Bill Stemmeyer - 63 (1886)

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