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What is Windup?

In baseball, the windup is a pitching position in which the pitcher's feet begin the pitching process on or in front of the rubber of the pitching mound and point towards home plate.

Sporting Charts explains Windup

Before throwing a pitch from the windup position, a pitcher may take a step back toward second base or to the side toward first or third with his free leg (the non-pivot leg). Upon delivery of the pitch, the pitcher must take a step toward home plate. If the pitcher decides to throw to another base, he must first step off the rubber and then take a step toward the base in question. A pitcher "commits" to a pitch when he takes a step toward any base other than home plate or when he brings his hands together. If a pitcher fails to follow these rules when in the windup position, he may be charged with a balk.

The windup position is typically adopted by a pitcher when there are no baserunners. The set, or "stretch" position is most often used when bases are occupied as it is an easier position for a pitcher to throw to a base other than home plate. Pitchers can use either the windup or the set position at any time, but once committed to a particular position, they must deliver a pitch from that position unless they step off the rubber and reset their stance.

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