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What is Yard?

In baseball, the ballpark or stadium in which the game is played.

Sporting Charts explains Yard

Baseball yards are commonly referred to as a ballpark, stadium, or ballfield. A yard can either refer to just the playing field, or the ballpark as a whole, including the spectator seating. Most yards are constructed similarly, with the distance from home plate to the outfield fence or walls being around 300 to 400 feet, depending on the location.

From its inception, baseball was most commonly played in outdoor fields or at public parks. With the advent of professional baseball, spectators became included in the sport, requiring the need for a ballpark itself. While the original baseball yards or ballparks were wooden ballparks with raised wooden seating, there have been many different kinds constructed ever since, including the jewel box, multi-purpose, modern and retro-classic ballparks.

Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts, constructed in 1912, is the oldest active Major League Baseball stadium.

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