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What is Attempt?

A statistic in basketball which refers to the number of times a player has shot the ball. A player is considered to have shot the ball when the ball leaves the player's hands and travels towards the basket. It is not required that the ball touch any part of the basketball hoop, including the rim or backboard. All types of shots count towards a player's total.

Sporting Charts explains Attempt

An attempt is used as a measurement tool in conjunction with shots made in order to determine the shooting percentage of a player. It is often divided into categories based on the type of shot taken (free throw, three-point shot, field goal), or other metric, in order to determine the highest efficiency shot for a player. For example, a player will take many shots from all over the court, but only make them from within 15 feet of the basket. It is important to calculate this player's shooting percentage by distance from the basket so the player learns where on the court he or she is most effective shooting the ball.

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