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Attempts per Game

What is Attempts per Game?

This is a basketball statistic which is used to measure the average number of shots a player takes in a game. It is calculated by dividing the total number of shots a player attempts in a game by the number of games played. Teams track this statistic because it helps them keep track of who is taking the shots during games. In order for teams to be successful, the players with the most efficient scoring measures should be averaging the greatest number of attempts.  

Sporting Charts explains Attempts per Game

Attempts per game is not always the most accurate measure of shots a player takes, because it does not take into account free throws. A player who gets a majority of his points from free throws will not record many attempts. Furthermore, a player who draws a lot of fouls may not record many attempts. This statistic, while an important element of many others, is not often considered necessary as a direct measurement.

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